On this page, you can read about all the services provided by our company.

Pilates group workout in office

Our company offers you the opportunity to organise a Pilates workout for your staff at a time that is convenient to you. We will come and organise a Pilates workout at your place of work.

Pilates is an excellent style of workout that restores the level of energy and activates your mind. Pilates focuses on the training of breathing and deep muscles, which enables those who do mentally challenging work to rest their mind and be physically active, and those who are physically active can, on the other hand, release excess muscle tension and regain their flexibility. A Pilates workout mainly activates deep muscles, which is why it does not pose any threat of excess sweating.

Pilates individual workout sessions

If you do not fancy workout in groups or cannot accommodate them in your schedule, we also offer you the option of ordering individual workout sessions for your office. We will prepare a schedule and workout plan according to your wishes.

Choreography for corporate functions

If your company intends to organise a corporate function where employees could present a dance number or you need somebody to direct the movement for the performance, we can definitely help you.

What Pilates is

  • Pilates is an excellent style of workout that helps restore your energy and activates your mind for the entire day!
  • Pilates is a globally recognised complex of exercises that was designed in the 1920s by Joseph H. Pilates, who was inspired by the exercising philosophies of both the Orient and the Occident.
  • Pilates reduces the level of stress
  • It improves the ability to concentrate
  • It relieves back pain
  • It improves flexibility, posture and breathing habits
  • It gives you a lot of extra energy
  • Pilates is suitable for anyone who has a doctor’s consent for exercising and wish to maintain good physical shape.