Don't waste your time; join us to take part in a pleasant Pilates workout at your place of work, so you can get in shape while saving your valuable time!

Pilates workout in your office!

Our company offers you the opportunity to organise a Pilates workout for your staff at a time that is convenient to you. We will come and organise a Pilates workout at your place of work.

Pilates is an excellent style of workout that restores the level of energy and activates your mind. Pilates focuses on the training of breathing and deep muscles, which enables those who do mentally challenging work to rest their mind and be physically active, and those who are physically active can, on the other hand, release excess muscle tension and regain their flexibility. A Pilates workout mainly activates deep muscles, which is why it does not pose any threat of excess sweating.

Many employees suffer from fatigue, which occurs after lunch and compromises their productivity in the second half of the day. To combat this, we recommend a Pilates workout in the morning or around lunchtime so that the second half of the day would be as effective as the first. This is an excellent motivator and demonstrates that employers do care about their employees.

The charge depends on the number of participants and the hours scheduled. Usually it is between 8 and 10 euros per hour per one employee. Some employers have found funds to partly cover the expenses of their staff workout and in the process have made exercising and taking care of one’s health even more accessible to their employees.

Our mission

The mission of our company is to improve the movement pattern and posture of our customers, and in turn the quality of their lives.

Our customers

Although StudioMove OÜ is a new company, we already have three cooperation partners:  NUKU Theatre, the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and Baltika Group.

Our instructor Helen

After graduating from Tallinn Ballet School in 1997, Helen began her career as a ballet dancer at the Estonian National Opera where she worked for 14 years. Her repertoire included all classical ballets, but also several contemporary dance, modern dance and neoclassical ballet performances. She obtained her first teaching experience when she was a dancer and instructed young figure skaters. In 2003, she graduated from Tallinn University as a cultural adviser and dance instructor and, in 2005, she graduated from Tallinn University again, this time as a hobby education teacher.

From 2011 to 2014, she lived in Brussels and worked as an instructor of classical dance and Pilates within the Professional Trainee’s Programme at Brussels International Ballet School. She has also instructed adult amateur dancers who have always won her over with their enthusiasm.

In early 2015, Helen established her own company, StudioMove OÜ, which offers companies an opportunity to organise a Pilates workout for their employees in their place of work